Dustin James, Certified John Maxwell Team Member

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Leadership is a vital component for any team or organization.  How do you define LEADERSHIP?  At Moments Leadership, we know that everyone has opportunities to become a person of influence.  The choices we make every day affect other people in ways that we may or may not realize.  We believe that Leadership starts with a positive self-image and self awareness.  We believe that we work with some amazing individuals.  

Moments Leadership brings an amazing amount of ordinary life, learning, and business experiences to our clients - to bring messages and activities to the groups in a way that is extraordinary.  We want to help you reach the next level of success and we believe that we can bring you a customized program that will inspire you to do just that.

Customized Programs, including
  • Leadership Seminars

  • Sales Training

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Operations Consulting

  • Marketing & Design

  • Youth Camps

  • Apparel & Merchandising

  • Customized Keynotes

  • Personal Coaching

  • John Maxwell Certified

  • Sports Business Consultants

  • TedX Speaker

  • Crowd Engagement Specialists

  • Education Administration Consultants

  • Real Life Experience and Success in Education and Administration, Professional Sports, Collegiate Sports, Real Estate, Corporate Sales, Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, and Business Management.