Beat Your Average

Make 2019 the year that you bring your absolute best, every single day!

Over the course of a year, 365 days, it’s hard to stay sharp and highly motivated. With having 20 plus years in business, leadership, and sales experience, while running multiple businesses, it can be hard for me to maintain the drive and motivation on a daily basis. There are so many factors that contribute to our life experiences and each day brings new challenges or obstacles for us to face. If you’re like me, you want to work hard and perform at high levels, helping your business or company grow. Most companies want and even expect us to bring our absolute best every-day, despite the challenges and obstacles.



All of us salivate for those days where sales numbers or contracts are off the chart, or production is running at an all-time high. We refer to these days as our personal record or our personal best. We define those exact days as success, or being on our A-game, and we try to duplicate each day based on those results. We forget that we can only do the best we can for each day. We forget the many outside factors that are out of our control, that help contribute to our success on those PR days. Sleep, customers, weather, and technology are just a few of the outside factors that affect our productivity every single day. We put an expectation on ourselves and our teams to perform at the highest level each day, comparing our best days to every other day and making those days look miniscule in comparison.

No matter how hard we try each day, the reality is our personal best may only happen a handful of times. When we strive to produce our personal records each day, our mind will analyze the outcome. Over time our mind views the results as failure. We have all heard the quote, “shoot for the moon, if you fall short at least you are among the stars.” Your mind is no fool to this perspective; you fell short of your goal and your mind will identify it as failing. If your goal is to reach your personal record all the time, you will spend the vast majority of the year not reaching your goals or numbers. Thinking of it as failing, instead of doing your best for that day, leads to lack of self-confidence and diminishing motivation.

Let’s reframe our goals and motivation this year. I want you to find what your average production day currently produces. For easy math, let’s say you have 10 quality interactions, customers, or calls each day. I want you to simply beat your average every day. Beat your average by just 1. This may sound like you are accepting mediocrity, but it is completely the opposite. You will still have some top productive days throughout the year where you have 15-20 interactions, customers, or calls each day. We all have them, just not every single day. It is the ebbs and flow of business. If you focus on beating your average each day, you win the day. Winning the day carries a positive attitude, builds momentum, increases your confidence, builds a calmness, reduces stress, and most of all, it creates personal growth. By beating your average each day, you are growing as an individual, a team, and a business. The best part is you areincreasingyour average each day.

Over the course of the year you will be training your mind to be productive, growing your average, and building a winning mentality. Continuous improvement is finding small improvement that lead to big results. This belief can work in any business, profession, or education. It is a very simple motivator that gets strongly overlooked because we gauge everything on our personal best. Realize that great athletes and businesses don’t set records every day! It is an old but true quote, “life is not a sprint, but a marathon.” Build strong momentum to beat your average, and make 2019 your best year yet!

I hope you have an amazing day!

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